Republic of Serbia supported a mutual Statement on termination of violence against LGBT people in UN

As Gay Straight Alliance and Labris, the organization for lesbian human rights, have been informed by Department for Human Rights and Environment Preservation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia supported the mutual statement on termination of violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity at United Nations Human Rights Council.

On March 18, GSA and Labris invited Vuk Jeremić, the minister of foreign affairs, to support this Statement, emphasizing that this support is one of the important steps towards an implementation of efficient prevention mechanisms and decrease in violence against LGBT population, as well as equalization of their rights and an increase of their life quality, both in Serbia and on the global level.

GSA and Labris express great satisfaction with Serbia recognizing the importance of the agreement reached at UN, and thus becoming a part of the great majority of European countries supporting this statement. We are also encouraged by the fact that all western Balkan countries supported this statement, which gives us hope that all countries in the region will collaborate more tightly in the future on the issue of decrease of violence against LGBT population.

As Gay Straight Alliance and Labris have been informed by their foreign partners, whom they worked with on this support, Belorussia, Moldavia, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Vatican are among the countries that did not support this statement.

Gay Straight Alliance
Labris – Lesbian Human Rights Organization

::: Joint statement on ending acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity ::: (pdf download)