GSA and Labris called on Minister Jeremić to support acknowledgement of joint statement on cease of violence over LGBT persons due to be submited to the UN

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and Labris – Organisation for Lesbian Human Rights have today called on Republic of Serbia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremić to support joint Statement for cease of violence over LGBT persons and breaches of guaranteed human rights on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (The Statement), that will be submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council on 22nd March 2011.

As an integral part of a worldwide network of organisations that currently work on acknowledgement of The Statement, GSA and Labris would like to emphasise the significance of that document for the safety of LGBT persons, that would lead to decrease in violence and discrimination over them on the global scale.

In this letter to Minister Jeremić, it has been brought to his attention that LGBT persons are one of the most vulnerable minority groups in many countries including Serbia, where these people are exposed to continuous high level of homophobia on various social levels causing many problems to each individual in everyday life, facing violence, discrimination and hate speech. These kind of problems cannot be overlooked or ignored, neither on the global scale nor locally in Serbia, and they cannot be seen any longer as insignificant and non-existing social and political issue.

One of the most important steps in identification and implementation of efficient mechanisms for prevention and decrease of violence over these sensitive groups, altogether with equalisation of their rights and improvement of their quality of living, lies in affirmative political frameworks defined through declarations, recommendations and statements. When these issues are brought on and declared by important international institutions such as United Nations are, they carry wider understanding and support from Europe and rest of the world in general, and are more welcomed by the local governments.

Therefore, GSA and Labris have called on Minister Vuk Jeremić to support the acknowledgement of The Statement within the UN in the name of Serbian state, and to show through that action that Serbia is ready to commence with systemic process of improvements in the status of LGBT population and secure LGBT persons the use of their fundamental rights.

Gay Straight Alliance
Labris – Organisation for Lesbian Human Rights

::: Joint statement on ending acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity ::: (pdf download)