Program of the GSA

Lobbying and LGBT rights advocacy

GSA is dedicated to building communication and cooperation with all political and institutional factors that are able to influence the improvement of LGBT population’s status in Serbia, mainly focusing on systemic decreasing of violence and discrimination against LGBT persons. In that process, GSA is using the results of surveys, analytical data and reports, which are the main evidence of reality in the rights of LGBT population in Serbia. Moreover, GSA is fostering good relations with the international community directly or via the LGBT networks in Europe and the whole world.

GSA Litigation Service

GSA is continuously involved in providing free legal aid to the victims of violence and discrimination on the basis of actual or supposed sexual orientation or gender identity. The GSA Litigation Service program was set up in the first half of 2009, and up until this moment, there are 17 cases in Serbian courts launched by it. Aside from dealing with individual cases, the aims of GSA Litigation Service are to create the court practice in Serbia, as well as to monitor work of justice system

Researches and analysis

GSA periodically conducts researches in Serbia through public surveys, gaining the insight about the attitudes toward homosexuality. The researches sometimes narrow and focus on particular trends in LGBT rights. The results are always publicly accessible to assist other NGOs, political parties, government institutions and academic public in creating strategy for human rights improvement in relation to the LGBT population.

Annual Reports on LGBT human rights status in Serbia

Since 2007, GSA compiles and delivers annual reports including following sections: cases of violence and discrimination over LGBT population; attitudes of government institutions and political parties toward LGBT population; right to assembly; attitudes in the media and many other issues related to the LGBT issue.

Many international organizations use this data and quote the cases documented in GSA annual reports, such as: ILGA Europe, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, European Commission, The Council of Europe, U.S. State Department etc.