Mission, Values and Aims

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is an organization that carries mission of human rights promotion and protection for all citizens of Serbia, with particular focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons.

The core values of GSA are equality, solidarity, non-violence and tolerance.

The aims of GSA are following:

• decrease of violence, discrimination and homophobia in all social, economic and political areas
• change in society’s system of values in accordance with values such as tolerance, equality, non-violence etc.
• building democratic and responsible civil society based on respect of human rights and equal opportunities for all citizens
• capability building of LGBT persons and all other citizens, and encouragement to be actively involved in political and social life
• encouragement of media to inform the public about necessity to respect human rights and promote the values of civil society
• encouragement of governmental, educational and other institutions to promote the need for respect of human rights and take the action in their capacity to resolve the status of LGBT persons
• support to the victims of hate crime and discrimination on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientation and gender identity
• raising awareness about problems of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in the society and providing effective solutions for the status of LGBT persons

Gay Straight Alliance is unique in such way that for the first time in Serbian history of LGBT movement, different people regardless to their sexual orientation or preferences gathered with common goals of equal rights for all and decrease in violence and discrimination. Therefore it is crucial to point out that a large number of LGBT and heterosexual persons have gathered around GSA, all being aware that violence over LGBT population is not just an act of violence over people of different sexual orientation, but over the society at large.

(From Manifesto and Statute of GSA)