Short-list for 2014/15 “Rainbow” Award

Belgrade, 13 May 2015

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) would like to inform the public that the jury for 2014/15 “Rainbow” Award at its meeting yesterday chose 5 nominees. The winner of this year’s “Rainbow” Award will be announced on May 15 at a special ceremony for this occasion.

DUGA-nagrada-logo-1The jury made their choice out of 33 received nominations, which is double the number of last year’s nominations, including various state and local institutions, organizations, and individuals.

After having analyzed the nominations, most of which were very serious and deserving, the jury decided to short-list the following nominees for 2014/15 “Rainbow” Award:

  • NGO Association Rainbow from Šabac, an LGBT-rights organization, known for working in different local environments in Serbia. In the past year, together with the Office for Human and Minority Rights, Association Rainbow has achieved significant results in training social workers to work with LGBT people and their families.
  • National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, in the past year, together with non-governmental organizations, has implemented a series of activities designed to improve the status of LGBT people and has dealt with these issues in a visibly more open and formal manner. Through the activities of its committees, MPs and parliament leaders, the Serbian Parliament has had an affirmative and active role in promoting tolerance, respect and protection of human rights of LGBT people, and, in addition, a significant number of MPs supported the Pride Parade by attending it.
  • Jadranka Joksimović, Minister without portfolio responsible for European integration in the Serbian Government, has supported the LGBT community very actively and continuously, and has publicly advocated for the respect of LGBT human rights in various areas and through different activities. She contributed to a successful Pride Parade and a better coordination between institutions and the Pride organizers and she attended this event. She has also established good communication and strategic cooperation with the LGBT movement.
  • Helena (M.V.), a retired major in the Serbian Army, is a transgender person who has shone the spotlight on the problem of the status of trans people in this institution by giving several interviews and statements to national and foreign press and e-media, where she opened up about her gender identity, her life, family and professional career.
  • Tamara Skrozza, a journalist for the weekly newspaper “Vreme“, who also writes the column “Skrozza na skroz“ in gay magazine “Optimist“, in which she analyzes socio-political events of importance to LGBT and all other citizens, has stood in defense of the rights of LGBT people on numerous occasions – as a member of the Council for Media, as well as through other media institutions.

“Rainbow Award” was established by Gay Straight Alliance. Since 2013 it is awarded every year in honor of May 17 – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) for contributions to the fight against homophobia and transphobia and to protection and improvement of human rights of LGBT people in Serbia in the past year.

The award is presented by an independent jury chosen every year from the ranks of eminent individuals from various areas, the winner of the previous year’s award, as well as activists from other LGBT rights organizations.

The first “Rainbow” Award for 2012/13 was awarded to the Department for working with the community of the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, while the last year’s “Rainbow” Award went to Tanja Miščević, Chief of the Negotiating Team for Serbian EU Accession.

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