City of Zaječar and GSA: Festival “Tolerance Zone” next April at Felix Romuliana

Zaječar, 29/10/2014

The Mayor of Zaječar Velimir Ognjenović  and the president of Gay Straight Alliance Lazar Pavlović signed a Memorandum on Cooperation today in Zaječar.


The cooperation specified in the Memorandum is related to the joint organization of a festival called  “Tolerance Zone”, which is going to take place on 30 April and 1 May 2015 in the late-antique locality Felix Romuliana.

“We are signing this memorandum, because we feel the need to keep building an inclusive and democratic society, increasing the tolerance in society and promoting the human rights of all Serbian ciitizens, including LGBT people” said Aleksandar Milivojević, the Mayor’s adviser, as he informed the media about the preamble of the Memorandum. “Bearing in mind the importance of local self-government and civil society organizations in the promotion and spreading of tolerance and understanding in society towards any group or individual regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal characteristic; recognising that culture in general and its mechanisms are the means which can considerably contribute to a tolerant society and a greater understanding of differences, the City of Zaječar has decided to take this step.“

“I am pleased that we have an opportunity to work with a developing local self-government such as the City of Zaječar. We feel that with this the spreading of tolerance and equality is moving out of Belgrade to the local environment and in that sense we are very pleased that Zaječar opened its doors for this process,“ said Lazar Pavlović, President of GSA.

“ Tolerance Zone” is going to be primarily a music festival, but there is also talk about organizing some other activities: movie screenings, theatre productions, various workshops, and similar, it was stated at today’s conference.

“I am proud that I’ve signed this memorandum today. With this, we have shown that the City of Zaječar is striving towards European values. Zaječar is the first Serbian city to do something like this, thanks to Mr Saša Mirković, first of all, who initially suggested holding this festival. I have to say that the news about the festival is already getting public attention and that the American ambassador Mr Kirby, who was visiting Zaječar a few days ago, already congratulated us and said he would attend the festival“ – said the Mayor of Zaječar Velimir Ognjenović.

The city authorities are aware of the significance of holding such a festival for the promotion of historic heritage and touristic-hospitality potential of the City of  Zaječar and its environs, since they are expecting a lot of visitors from abroad, as well as numerous representatives of the diplomatic corps.

“From our side, we will strive to contribute to the development of Zaječar and the promotion of all it has to offer“, said President of GSA Lazar Pavlović.

Video: ZaMedia