Shortlist for the “Rainbow” Award 2013/2014

Belgrade, 14.05.2014.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) wants to inform the public that during its yesterday’s session the jury which decides about the “Rainbow” 2013/2014 Award chosen shortlist of five nominees for this award from the submitted nominations. The winner of this year’s “Rainbow” Award is going to be announced on May 16th during the ceremony which is going to be organized on the occasion.

DUGA-nagrada-logo-1After careful analysis of the nominations’ explanations and contributions which nominates earned through their work and activities during the past year, the jury has decided that the shortlist nominees for the “Rainbow” 2013/2014. annual award are:

  • Association “Generator” from Vranje, which is not a LGBT organization, but which has organized many discussions on the topic of LGBT people, within its activities and discussions on the topic of human rights, where the participants were young population. This nomination is particularly important because “Generator” has shown the big initiative, persistence and courage dealing with this sensitive topic in southern Serbia.
  • Director Stevan Bodroža for directing the play „Merlinka’s confession“ which deals with the life and tragic death of transvestite Vjeran Miladinović Merlinka, who was murdered in 2003, and whose murderers have never been discovered. Bodroža directed the play that has won excellent critique and big media attention, which had a significant impact on increasing visibility of LGBT population issues in Serbia, and in particular the position of transgender people.
  • Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia because of the support given to LGBT community and the activities undertaken by the Office in order to improve the position of LGBT people, of which the most significant was National Strategy to fight discrimination (whose one part represents the fight against discrimination of LGBT people). The National Strategy drawn up by the Office was accepted by the Serbian Government in June 2013, after which the Office has developed and Action Plan for the implementation of this Strategy, that is currently under public debate and whose adoption is soon to be expected.
  • Head of the Negotiating Team for conducting the negotiations on EU accession of the Republic of Serbia Tanja Miščević, because of the notable and public commitment for the respect of human rights of LGBT population in Serbia, and spreading awareness about tolerance towards the LGBT community. In the last year she has been very commited to the subject of LGBT rights in the framework of negotiation process, and has initiated and realized many activities of which the most significant are preparing a work plan for improving the situation of LGBT people in Serbia and coordination of numerous ministries and institutions with the aim of realizing this plan, as well as the establishment of cooperation with the part of the non-governmental sector dealing with LGBT issues. She has also supported the maintenance of Pride Parade 2013 and announced her arrival at this year’s event.
  • Singer Marija Šerifović who played in a movie about her life called „Confession“, which was highly visible to the public and where she publicly announced her different sexual orientation for the first time. As a very recognizable public figure, artist and a winner of Eurosong Contest 2007, she has in this way made a huge step forward and positively influenced society and increased tolerance towards diversity.

At this year’s competition for the “Rainbow” Award arrived 16 nominations, of which the largest number was very good and serious, and compared to last year this time there were more nominees and more proposers. GSA as a founder of “Rainbow” Award and the jury want to thank all the proposers – organizations, media professional associations, institutions and individuals who sent nominations for this award, and primarily organizations Gay Lesbian Info Centre and Labris of which a large number of candidates arrived.

The “Rainbow” Award has been established by the GSA, and it is from last year through a public tender awarded on the occasion of the 17th of May – International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), for contribution to the fight against homophobia and transphobia, and protection and promotion of human rights of LGBT people in Serbia in the past year.

Who is going to be awarded is a decision made by an independent jury whose members are eminent and successful individuals from various areas such are the media, academic community, national and international organizations etc. In addition to GSA activists, part of the jury were activists of other organizations that deal with LGBT issues, as well as representatives of the previous winners of the “Rainbow”. The last year’s winner of the first “Rainbow” Award was Department for Organization, Prevention and Community Policing of the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

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