GSA appeals to help the vulnerable and to cancel planned events

Belgrade, 17.05.2014.

Today on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) calls LGBT persons and all other citizens to mark this day by helping the most vulnerable citizens affected by floods in Serbia. To help the vulnerable is a priority at the moment, so GSA calls for cancelation of all events which were planned for today.
Gej strejt alijansa

Yesterday GSA sent an appeal to all LGBT people and the citizens of Serbia to help financially by transfering money to the accounts of the state organs which are intended for that purpose, or by sending a text message to the number 1003 in accordance with their capabilities. Since yesterday, GSA also offers assistance by collecting clothes, food, means of hygiene, bottled water and other things that are most needed at this time. This appeal was also joined by other LGBT organizations: Association LGBT Novi Sad, Labris, IDAHO Belgrade, Hestia, Safe Pulse of Youth and others. If you want to help, please contact the Alliance through this telephone number 064/443-91-55 or through email

Also, due to the catastrophic scale of the floods that have befallen Serbia, and whose consequences will be felt for a long time after the cessation of rainfall, GSA invited the organizers of the Pride Parade which is scheduled for 31st May 2014, which is less than two weeks, to think about canceling the event. Alliance believes that state resources and energy which would have been used for the organization of this event, should be used for the sanitation of floods, which at this point should be a priority for Government and all citizens, and that the Pride Parade can be held later.

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