Threats to Gay Straight Alliance

Belgrade, 10.03.2014.

Today, Gay Straight Alliance has received death threats, through the SOS helpline number of the organisation (which is used for reporting violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and which can be found on the official website).

Gej strejt alijansaSpecifically, the Executive Director of Gay Straight Alliance, answered the phone at 16:13 when a male voice on the other side asked if he could report violence, which she confirmed and asked him what happened. After asking one more time whether he got the number of the Alliance and received an affirmative answer, he began insulting and cursing, saying her a “mother faggot” and then shouted “You should all be killed”. The Executive Director of GSA interrupted him and said that she will immediately inform the police about this threat, as well as his telephone number (which wasn’t hidden), to which he laughed and she terminated the call. Soon afterwards, the phone rang again but none of the activists responded.

GSA has immediately informed the police and a statement was given at the police station. While it is not uncommon for the Alliance to receive offending threats via official email and social networks, this is the first time that someone sent a phone threat to the organisation.  The number of the SOS helpline through which the threat was made, is present on the website for almost two years and to this day nothing like this happened.

Because of this and the fact that those who threaten are brave enough as they didn’t even hide the identification of their phone number while doing a criminal offense, GSA has expressed concern and expects from the police to take immediate steps to find and bring perpetrators to justice.

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