Nenad Mihailović, the first openly gay candidate for councilor in Belgrade

Belgrade, 13.03.2014.

On 16 March 2014 LGBT population in Serbia will have a candidate for councilor in the Belgrade City Assembly, for the first time.

Nenad-Mihailovic_foto-Medija-centarNenad Mihailović, representative of the association GOOSI – Gay Association of the People with Disabilities, a longtime human rights activist, a member of the LGBT community, is on the list of the Democratic Party, numbered 8.

For the first time in the political history of Serbia, the LGBT population, among the councilors of the Belgrade City Assembly, will have the person to whom the community will be able to count, that will work on the institutional advancement of LGBT rights and to invest all his efforts in the fight against discrimination. LGBT population finally has a reason to get out to the elections and vote for a man who lives life in Serbia, where members of the community exposed to constant discrimination.

You have a reason to get out on Sunday 16th March and vote!

Source: GOOSI
Photo: Medija centar