Nataša Mićić (LDP): There’s no “but” for the values we stand for

Belgrade, 07.03.2014.

The questionnaire on LGBT rights which the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) sent to political parties participating in national elections, was responded by Nataša Mićić on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), who is the Vice President and MP candidate on the coalition list of Čedomir Jovanović – LDP, BDZS, SDU.

Natasa-Micic-LDPIn short, Nataša Mićić said that the LDP since its establishment supported the LGBT community without delay, that they participated in the adoption of the Anti-Discrimination Law and reacted when it was withdrawn from the procedure, that they have always supported the Pride Parade, and that their leader Čedomir Jovanović took part in this event in 2010. In the coming period the Liberal Democratic Party will insist on zero tolerance for non-compliance with Anti-Discrimination Law and will deal with the safety of LGBT people, increasing the visibility and legal status of the LGBT community, society sensitization and education of youth and will support the legal regulation of same-sex unions. Mićić called the LGBT community to vote for LDP, because as she says, LDP is the only party that stands for the respect of human rights of LGBT people.

When asked what has LDP done to improve the situation of the LGBT community in Serbia since the previous national elections in 2012, Nataša Mićić responded:
“Since the previous national elections in 2012, LDP was doing everything that we were doing since our establishment. We were and we remain the only party which is uncompromisingly committed to the respect of human rights of LGBT people, while representatives of other political parties when it comes to problems and requirements of the LGBT community always have an answer with a “but” and delay. One of the pillars of our policy is respect for human rights and for the values we stand for there’s no “but”.
One of the reasons for the establishment of our party in 2005 was the fact that no single politician or party was ready to defend the rights of every citizen. Our real struggle against the adoption of the Constitution in 2006 was referred to the part in which are resolved the issues of human rights and civil liberties.
Even in October 2007, we proposed to the Assembly the Anti-Discrimination Law which planned improvement of the legal framework for the protection of LGBT people. Assembly adopted the Anti-Discrimination Law in 2009, thanks to the members of LDP and their support, as representatives of the SPS-PUPS-JS did not vote for this bill, although at that time they were members of the ruling coalition. The coalition at that time, as always, much easier discussed the division of governing boards than on the promotion of human rights in Serbia.
Also we were the only ones who reacted to the withdrawal of the draft law from Parliament just hours before it should be adopted, and after the intervention of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Čedomir Jovanović is the only party leader who attended the Pride Parade. Every year we provided political support to the organizers of the Pride. Also, we provided our support through the institutions of the City of Belgrade from 2008 to 2012, when thanks to LDP to power did not come those who have burned it so many times.”

As priorities and actions of her party in the coming period, when it comes to human rights of LGBT people, Mićić announced zero tolerance for violation of the Anti-Discrimination Law, the safety of LGBT people, improving visibility and legal status of LGBT people, sensitizing society towards LGBT population and educating young people about LGBT issues.

To the question whether LDP supports legal regulation of property relations, health insurance and other issues of importance to same-sex unions, Nataša Mićić responded affirmatively, emphasizing that her party stands for promoting the rights of LGBT people in all walks of life, including this issue.

“LDP is the only party that stands for the respect of human rights of LGBT people. Only Željko Ožegović, our candidate for Mayor, made it clear that if he gets elected he will stand at the head of the Pride Parade. The previous Mayor cannot do that, because he declared himself, and we also call others to declare themselves on this issue”, Mićić concluded answering the question why should LGBT people vote for her party in the upcoming elections.

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Photo: LDP

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) has started another campaign in this election cycle for the upcoming Serbian parliamentary elections – the new campaign is called “Your vote, your tomorrow“. The campaign’s goal is to make political parties and groups participating in the elections take a public stance on questions regarding human rights, including the rights of LGBT people, as well as to include these issues in their pre-election programmes and platforms, offering concrete solutions for reducing violence, discrimination and homophobia. Another aim of the campaign is to invite LGBT people, as well as their parents, relatives, friends and other citizens to vote for those political options which, among other things, advocate for improving the status of LGBT people, for equality and respect of human and minority rights.
Through various activities, GSA aims to offer LGBT people and all other citizens, a clear insight into the attitudes of all relevant political parties and coalitions, regarding LGBT human rights. GSA’s campaign “Your vote, your tomorrow“ will mostly take part on the Internet and through social networks, and all interested citizens will be able to follow the campaign on GSA’s website in the column Elections 2014 (, and on the social networks Facebook ( and Twitter (