I was wrong but I tried to make it right

Belgrade, 13.03.2014.

In an interview of the latest issue of the weekly magazine Vreme, Dragan Djilas, the leader of the Democratic Party (DS), among other things, talks about his attitude towards the LGBT community, about his statement a few years ago and also about what he has done since then for this minority group.

Dragan-Djilas_foto-VremeDuring the interview with Vreme’s reporter Tamara Nikčević, Djilas said he probably shouldn’t have made that kind of statement about the LGBT population. “I was wrong, I admit,” he said adding that he would like if they could ask these people today which politician in power was more willing to help them and do something for them.

When asked about what he’s done for the LGBT population, Dragan Djilas said that he warned that they must fight 365 days a year for the rights “of our LGBT fellow citizens”, not just one day, and that the task of politicians is not to only publicly plead that LGBT people annually walk the streets of Belgrade in a kind of cage surrounded by police officers. “It’s hypocritical! Because, what are we going to do about the other 364 days? Our mission is to provide the conditions for members of the LGBT community to live a normal life and not to be harassed.”

When asked by Vreme’s reporter to specify what he specifically did to enable this to LGBT population, Djilas said: “Within the agreement with the Gay Straight Alliance, the city of Belgrade has given to LGBT people three flats to accommodate all those who were given up by family members upon learning about their sexual orientation; I have publicly indicated the status of homosexuals in the society, warning that people in Serbia today condemn more a person who is gay rather than someone who is a murderer and a criminal; I spoke at the promotion of the reports about the violation of the rights of homosexuals in the Belgrade City Hall, publicly pledging to provide them with equal status in society; during my mandate, those who have helped the vulnerable members of the LGBT population and those who have affirmed the right to be different have been awarded at the Belgrade City Hall…”, and concluded that there has been done more for the LGBT community during his mandate as mayor of Belgrade than at any time in the history of this country.

Source: Vreme
Photo: Vreme