Zukorlić: Gay group does not destroy Islam

Novi Pazar, 11.02.2014.

The signing of the coalition agreement between political parties Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Bosniak Democratic Community of Sandžak (BDZS), whose founder is Sandžak Mufti Muamer Zukorlić, has triggered many comments on the social networks in Sandžak, many of them being offensive ones.

muamer-zukorlićA part of Bosniaks criticize Zukorlić for making this coalition, largely because Jovanović and his LDP have very liberal attitudes towards the LGBT population, which is the complete opposite of the hard stance and traditional attitudes regarding this topic that characterize the most of Muslim Bosniaks and Islamic Community. Many of them believe that this act of Mufti and BDZS indirectly supports the gay population and betrays traditional values of Bosniaks and Islam.

In an interview with a local TV station “Sandžak” Zukorlić stated: “A coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party is good, because in the coalition agreement there is nothing controversial in terms of faith, nation and morals. BDZS has found an ally in achieving goals for which we are fighting, and they are: single Islamic community, return of Waqf property, normal operation of the Bosniak National Council and the International University of Novi Pazar. There is no cause for concern despite liberal ideology of the Liberal Democratic Party towards the LGBT community, nor there any concessions on this issue.”

Various forums and Internet portals tried to put these questions in the foreground. Zukorlić claims that BDZS through a coalition agreement with the Liberal Democratic Party hasn’t made any ideological, methodological and methodical concession on this topic.

“In the agreement there is not a single letter stating that the BDZS, as an organization which preserves the religious and traditional values of Islam and the Bosniaks would give up from its principles. It has its own clear views in the spirit of Islam and in the spirit of Bosniak culture and tradition” – Zukorlić stated adding that the criticism is launched by the political rivals who, in a different ways, have supported long time ago or still support LGBT population.

Source: Večernje Novosti
Photo: Medija Centar

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) has started another campaign in this election cycle for the upcoming Serbian parliamentary elections – the new campaign is called “Your vote, your tomorrow“. The campaign’s goal is to make political parties and groups participating in the elections take a public stance on questions regarding human rights, including the rights of LGBT people, as well as to include these issues in their pre-election programmes and platforms, offering concrete solutions for reducing violence, discrimination and homophobia. Another aim of the campaign is to invite LGBT people, as well as their parents, relatives, friends and other citizens to vote for those political options which, among other things, advocate for improving the status of LGBT people, for equality and respect of human and minority rights.
Through various activities, GSA aims to offer LGBT people and all other citizens, a clear insight into the attitudes of all relevant political parties and coalitions, regarding LGBT human rights. GSA’s campaign “Your vote, your tomorrow“ will mostly take part on the Internet and through social networks, and all interested citizens will be able to follow the campaign on GSA’s website in the column Elections 2014 (www.en.gsa.org.rs/elections-2014), and on the social networks Facebook (www.facebook.com/GSAlijansa) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/GSAlijansa).