Đurić (SNS): No one shall be exposed to physical violence

Belgrade, 19.02.2014.

Vračar’s Board of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has organized a major political debate last night in the hall of Vračar municipality in Belgrade. For Nikola Milosavljević, Tamara Laketić and Nebojša Otović, activists of Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance), this was a good opportunity to, within the GSA campaign “Your Vote, Your Tomorrow”, visit the SNS election rally and to find out directly from the representatives of this political party what are their views on LGBT population’s rights.

Marko ĐurićAfter the entering speeches, Nikola Milosavljević directed to Marko Đurić, a member of SNS Presidency and one of the speakers at the forum, a few questions about the SNS attitude towards LGBT rights, which have caught a lot of attention of speakers and participants in the debate. The questions were mainly related to concrete measures for reducing violence and discrimination against LGBT persons which SNS should take further on; their attitude towards the Pride Parade, but also whether the SNS will provide a clear and public political support to the LGBT community during the campaign and after the elections.

Thanking the question, Marko Đurić said that it is noticeable that the level of public safety in our country is not satisfactory, which can be seen not only on the streets of Belgrade, Novi Sad and other major cities, but also in smaller towns and villages. “Different forms of violence occur in a society that has been robbed and impoverished, in a society where many values have been twisted inside out”, Đurić said and ordered that the unambiguous attitude of the Serbian Progressive Party is that no one in Serbia, regardless of which group they belong to, regardless of their political or other opinion, should be exposed to physical violence. “That’s the principle that SNS pleads and will plead”, he stressed.

For Đurić. the question of Parade is rather a question of citizens’ freedom of “assembly and agreement”, as he defined it; and the SNS attitude, which was already expressed earlier, that the Constitution and laws must be respected and that the freedom of assembly must be provided to all citizens – have not changed. However, in his personal opinion, Parade topic has very commonly been misused in the past few years by various political groups in order to divert citizens’ attention from very important economic and other problems, i.e. to make “everyone in Serbia argue over whether you should or should not be walking instead of dealing with who is plundering us.” In this respect, in his opinion, many LGBT organizations were subjects of instrumentalization and various manipulations, he added. When it comes to the Pride Parade, there mustn’t happen that people use brute physical force against each other because they have different views on certain things, concluded Đurić.

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Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) has started another campaign in this election cycle for the upcoming Serbian parliamentary elections – the new campaign is called “Your vote, your tomorrow“. The campaign’s goal is to make political parties and groups participating in the elections take a public stance on questions regarding human rights, including the rights of LGBT people, as well as to include these issues in their pre-election programmes and platforms, offering concrete solutions for reducing violence, discrimination and homophobia. Another aim of the campaign is to invite LGBT people, as well as their parents, relatives, friends and other citizens to vote for those political options which, among other things, advocate for improving the status of LGBT people, for equality and respect of human and minority rights.
Through various activities, GSA aims to offer LGBT people and all other citizens, a clear insight into the attitudes of all relevant political parties and coalitions, regarding LGBT human rights. GSA’s campaign “Your vote, your tomorrow“ will mostly take part on the Internet and through social networks, and all interested citizens will be able to follow the campaign on GSA’s website in the column Elections 2014 (www.en.gsa.org.rs/elections-2014), and on the social networks Facebook (www.facebook.com/GSAlijansa) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/GSAlijansa).