GSA representative in the Council for gender equality of the Serbian Government

Belgrade, 22.05.2013.

Gay straight alliance (GSA; Alliance) with great pleasure informs the public that its representative, Milan Pantelic, has been named as a member of the Council for gender equality of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (Council).

Gej strejt alijansa

Council for gender equality is an expert body of the Government that was appointed for the period of four years by the decision of the Government from April this year, and the first meeting of the Council will be held at the end of May. The tasks of the Council, among others, are to consider and propose measures and initiatives for improvement of the gender equality policy, to initiate programs and propose measures for encouraging women to participate in public and political life, to give suggestions for improvement of the policy for prevention of gender based violence and domestic violence, etc.

Members of the Council are: state secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy, Stana Bozovic (president of the Council); state secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Predrag Perunicic; state secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Vladimir Bozovic; state secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Gordana Predic; state secretary of the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Self-Government, Dragan Stevanovic; state secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Muhedin Fijuljanin; deputy minister of health Slavka Lakicevic; deputy minister of foreign affairs Roksanda Nincic; deputy minister of justice and public administration Jasmina Benmansur; chief of cabinet of the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, Marija Blecic; chief of department of the European Integration Office, Dragana Radojicic; secretary of the National Employment Service, Ljiljana Nedeljkovic; chief of department of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, Dragana Djokovic Papic; director of the Women Health Promotion Center, Dr. Stanisava Otasevic; Prof. Dr. Gordana Gasmi from the University Singidunum; Prof. Dr. Zorica Mrsevic from the Institute of social sciences; Prof. Dr. Gordana Duhacek from the Center for Gender and Politics studies; Prof. Dr. Natasa Gospic from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering; Dr. Ljiljana Bogavac from the Incest Trauma Center and Milan Pantelic from the Gay Straight Alliance.

Milan Pantelic is a member and a legal expert of GSA, he is from Belgrade. He graduated Faculty of law with the Masters degree in topics of democracy and human rights within European Integrations. He is one of the young GSA leaders, who is especially engaged in drafting of strategic documents and policy making within the GSA.

Regarding his appellation for the member of the Council for gender equality, Milan Pantelic says: „Questions related to the achievement of gender equality and equality of people with different sexual orientation and gender identity are inseparably connected. Comparative law practice has demonstrated that first steps in decreasing discrimination and protection of basic human rights of LGBT persons are done through the fight for the rights of women, and thus created mechanisms of protection appear as instructive in the fight for equal political, legal and social participation of LGBT persons. It is my honor that I’m appellate as a member of GSA for the member of the Council, because I will have a chance, through battle for gender equality and reduction of violence against women, to inevitably fight for reduction of violence and discrimination against LGBT persons. I hope that, together with other colleagues form Council, I will be able to give a constructive contribution from the civil society perspective to the improvement of the policy for achievement of gender equality.”

GSA welcomes the establishing of the Council and is thanking the Gender Equality Directorate and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy for showing us their confidence and giving us the possibility to propose our candidate for the Council, as well as for recognizing us as an organization which contributes to the achieving of the citizens’ rights and to gender and every other equality.

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