GSA website hacked, a threat posted: “We are waiting for you!”

Belgrade, 01.10.2012.

Gay straight alliance (GSA; Alliance) informs the public that the website of this organization was hacked today, and that a threat “We are waiting for you!” was posted instead of its usual content.

For GSA there is no doubt that this represents a direct threat because these words were pronounced so far many times in the same context by the extremist right-wing organizations, above others by “Obraz”. GSA reminds that organization “Obraz” was banned by the decision of the Constitutional Court in June of this year. In addition, we remind that the First Basic Court in Belgrade while predicating its first instance verdict to Mladen Obradovic for threats to the 2009 Pride Parade, determined that the slogan “We are waiting for you!” represents a threat to LGBT population, that it advocates discrimination, and also provokes fear and feeling of vulnerability in LGBT individuals.

For the GSA there is no doubt that this threat is directed to the GSA activists and the LGBT population in general, in this atmosphere of fear that is being created before the announced Pride parade.

GSA demands from the relevant institutions to do all in their power to investigate this case, and especially investigate and sanction threats that are appearing these days in public, which invite to a violence against LGBT population. GSA is currently working to reinstate its website as soon as possible.

GSA Info Center