GSA dementi: Claims made in the article published on the Queeria Center’s website are false and malicious

Belgrade, 14.09.2012

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) is informed about the text that is circulating on the Internet under the title “Calls for the implementation of a new strategy for combating social homophobia” posted on the Queeria Center’s website. Having had access to this text, GSA wants to inform the public that the claims made in that article are completely false and malicious, and that it is nothing more than an insinuation of something that is not even close to the positions and the ways in which GSA operates.

That the information presented in the article are false can be seen primarily from the claim that this year’s Pride parade is organized by the Gay straight alliance, which is absolutely not true. GSA organized the 2010 Pride parade, after which it was not involved in organization of the parade in 2011 and 2012, and was also not involved in the organization of the parade in 2009. Pride parade in 2011 was organized by the separate association “Belgrade Pride Parade”, with whom GSA does not have any connections – founding or in terms of cooperation in the preparations of the parade.

Strategies and standpoints expressed in the aforementioned text are not views of the Gay straight alliance, and anyone who follows at all the work of the GSA knows that the Alliance does not utilize such methodology nor strategy, and especially the language used to compose this text.

Taking in consideration these facts GSA claims responsibly that this is mendacious and malevolent planting of falsehoods with the only aim not to decrease homophobia, but to increase it, as well as to cause damage and undermine the credibility of the GSA.

Bearing all this in mind, GSA expects that colleagues from the Queeria center will also react, since the text was published on their website.

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