Attackers arrested in Smederevo; GSA commends efficiency of Smederevo police

Belgrade, 12.09.2012

According to the information which Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) received today, police officers of the criminal police department in the Serbian city of Smederevo arrested five people from Smederevo and placed them in custody for the duration of 48 hours, after which they will appear before the investigative judge of the Basic Court in Smederevo. They are under suspicion for beating up two young men from Belgrade and city of Kraljevo after a short argument, in the night between 3 and 4 September 2012 in Smederevo. One of the victims received serious, while the other lighter physical injuries, and the cause of the attack was the attackers’ belief that the two young men were members of the gay population.

The attacked men reported this case to Gay Straight Alliance shortly after the attack, and representatives of GSA spoke of it in the media, while GSA’s Legal Service made sure that the case be reported to the police and further processed with the victims’ cooperation.

GSA is very satisfied with the police work done on this case and commends the efficiency of the Smederevo police department in identifying the attackers and bringing them swiftly to justice. GSA feels that this is the only way, through the professionalism of the police and other relevant bodies, that we can stop violence and discrimination and send a clear message that all citizens are protected and equal before the law regardless of their personal characteristics.

In this way the police can also help strenghten the trust of LGBT people, as well as all other citizens, in their work, while citizens are encouraged to report cases of violence to the police. This is extremely important so that such cases do not remain in the so-called grey area, without processing, which still remains, despite certain advances, a great problem when it comes to violence against LGBT people.

GSA hopes that the prosecutor and the court in Smederevo will also be efficient and that this case will soon receive an adequate judicial epilogue as well.

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