A young man brutally beaten in the center of Belgrade

Belgrade, 09.09.2012

In the night between September 7 and 8, 2012, in the park on Fruskogorska Street in Belgrade, a young gay man V.M. (25) was beaten by several attackers. The attack took place around 1.30 a.m., and the beaten man, who police found in a semiconscious state, was transported by ambulance to the Emergency Center, where he was diagnosed with several severe bodily injuries, head contusion, neck sprain, cracks on the lower jaw teeth, several bruises, hematoma, face abrasions, etc. The police was called by V.D. (23) who was together with V.M., and who was also attacked but was able to escape and inform them.

V.M. and V.D. were passing through the park in the night of the attack on their way to the close by gay club when they heard shouts: »faggots, faggots! «. Two of them stopped and looked toward the group of six boys, aged between 16 and 20, who were shouting, and who instantly jumped and start running in their direction. V.D. noticed that one of the attackers running toward him was holding a meat hammer, thus he immediately started running away, and managed to escape to the nearby café garden, from where he called the police. In the meantime the attackers managed to get hold of V.M. and brutally beat him, causing him severe body injuries, after which they escaped probably fearing the police.

The police arrived to the place of the attack after several minutes but did not find the attackers, and ambulance arrived very soon after they were called by the police. Ambulance transported injured V.M. to the Emergency Center where he was treated and than released around 7 a.m. that same morning. Next to the beaten V.M. police found the meat hammer thrown on the ground and a jacket that was probably dropped by some of the attackers.

V.D. and friends of the beaten V.M., who due to the injuries has difficulties moving and speaking, informed the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance), which Litigation service had access to medical records and began to monitor the case and its further proceedings before the competent authorities. For the Alliance this is undoubtedly one of many cases of hate crimes that occur only because the victims were of a different, actual or perceived, sexual orientation.

GSA demands from the police and all other competent authorities to bring this case to light, and all other previous cases without any further delay, identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Also, GSA demands from all the competent institutions to immediately and seriously dedicate themselves to prevention and punishment of violence against LGBT population, and especially in the period before the Pride do everything in their power to prevent the increased violence that we also experienced last year in this period, from happening again. Failure to solve problems that LGBT population faces during the Pride parade, but also every day of the rest of the year, has as its direct consequence encouragement of the perpetrators to constantly and undisturbed make death threats, beat, insult, slur and marginalize Serbian citizens who do not belong to the heterosexual majority of the population.

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