Gay Straight Alliance website has been hacked; GSA: Hatred is not a family value

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA; Alliance) website has been hacked again today and is not currently in function. This organization’s site was a target of attacks by the hacker groups from Kosovo in the past few years, than by the hacker John the Ripper and others, which disabled the GSA site completely or were leaving messages that often were not related to the areas covered by the GSA activities.

However, today’s attack on Alliance’s site is in many ways different from all the others. In fact, when you open the GSA site a text message in Serbian would appear saying: “Serbia, ask yourself where are you going?!?!”, accompanied with two photos. On the first one there was a couple (man and a women) holding a baby, with an inscription above: “This is what we offer”, while on the other you can see two men whose heads and torsos are painted with rainbow flag colors, with an inscription above saying: “This is what you offer”.

In this case as well, so called family values were being misused once more and underlined as something that is, according to many right wing organizations in Serbia, on the opposite side of the values such as respect and protection of human rights of LGBT persons, who are banalized and ridiculed with this photo. Again, in this case as in many others before, when the activities regarding the improvement of status of LGBT persons are about, and when the “family values” are usually wriggled as an argument against, brings us to conclusion that this is nothing else but a simple demagogy and untruth. As far as the family issue is concerned, the only truth is that the GSA really has its position about it, and it is that the hatred is not a family value, and justification of the violence and intolerance towards anybody should not be a part of the educational process both within the educational system and the family itself.

The content of the message which is trying to, though clumsily, impute to the GSA something that is not the aim nor the way in which GSA operates, as well as the fact that from all the LGBT organizations only the GSA website was attacked, tells us undoubtedly that this is the case of aimed and previously prepared attack directly on the Alliance, aimed also to disavow former work of this organization.

What is also interesting is that the hacker attack happened a day after the Split Pride which passed without incidents, and where representatives of the GSA participated led by the president of the GSA and the executive director. In addition, in recent days GSA was a subject of “warnings” and “advice” from different sides because its recently redesigned wbsite contains a Serbian flag as a part of the main banner. GSA wants to emphasize that it considers Serbian flag is not the possession of any particular group but that it should be a symbol of all citizens who live in this country, and also that the flag will stay after the website is placed in function again.

If the reasons for today’s aimed hacker attack are connected to any of the above mentioned reasons, or are they to be looked for in the areas generally covered by the GSA activities, or if it’s because GSA is approaching the questions of LGBT rights in a serious and adequate manner, Alliance cannot say with certainty. Nevertheless, what is evident for the GSA is that the attackers and their orderers showed a significant amount of political and every other dilettantism, and above all an enormous amount of cowardice, considering that they remained anonymous and that no one took responsibility for this hacker attack.

GSA will report this attack to the Ministry of the interior, from which it expects a prompt reaction and identification of the perpetrators, and is currently working on habilitating of the website so that it returns to its full function as soon as possible.

GSA Info Center