Gay Straight Alliance at 15th annual conference of ILGA-Europe

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is participating in the 15th annual conference of ILGA-Europe, the biggest annual meeting of LGBT activists in Europe, which is being held this year from 27th to 30th October in Italian city Turin.

ILGA-Europe is the European branch of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and a European LGBT non-governmental umbrella-organization which gathers over 200 member-organizations. ILGA-Europe is also a consultative body of the European Commission for questions of respecting and improving the rights of LGBT population. The title of this year’s conference with over 300 delegates is “Human Rights and “Traditional Values”: clash or dialogue?”. The programme includes over 30 thematic workshops and panel discussions.

Among the participants are also Emma Bonino, member of the European Parliament and vicepresident of the Italian Senat, and the first recently elected openly trans and gay members of the Polish Parliament Anna Grozdka and Robert Biedron.

GSA is represented at this year’s conference by executive director Mirjana Bogdanović, who, day before the conference, also participated in a meeting of the newly-formed ILGA-Europe’s EU Accession Network, which is comprised of representatives of all West Balkans countries and Turkey. Mirjana Bogdanović has been elected as the Serbian member of the network with the support of GSA, Labris and Gayten.

Delegates at the meeting of ILGA-Europe’s EU Accession Network discussed the issues of European legislation and policies which are applied in countries that are candidates and potential candidates for membership in EU, as well as the possibilities of coordinating activities, such as representation and lobying, which are provided by European institutions in the process of EU accession.

On its fifteenth anniversary, ILGA-Europe is also choosing new members of its executive board, and this year’s conference is being held with the support of Italian Parliament, Senat, Ministry for Equal Opportunity, and under the patronage of Turin Mayor who made it possible by setting aside considerable resources from the city budget. Furthermore, the Parliament, the Senat and the Mayor sent official letters of support to the conference participants emphasising the necessity of respecting and clearly advocating human rights of LGBT people.

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