State must uphold the Constitution, not extremists

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is absolutely shocked at a joint press release of the extremist rightwing organization “Dveri” and the Police Syndicate of Serbia, in which they asked the representatives of LGBT organizations “to be socially responsible” and cancel the Pride Parade.

GSA urges all relevant government institutions to respond to this without delay, including the Government and the President of the Republic of Serbia, and to answer the questions whether “Dveri” entered the institutions of this country through the back door and whether this organization received permission from somebody in the government to haphazardly interpret and implement the Constitution and the laws of Republic of Serbia.

GSA also asks the Minister of Internal Affairs and the police directorate to urgently react to this scandalous joint public statement of “Dveri” and Police Syndicate of Serbia, to condemn this action and sanction the representatives of all police syndicates who refuse to respect the Constitution and the laws of Serbia, and who do not wish to protect the basic human rights of all citizens.

GSA would especially like to point out the hypocrisy of Dveri’s statement that they are against violence and their call to citizens who wish to oppose holding the Pride Parade to do this in a peaceful and non-violent manner. GSA does not perceive a significant difference between Obraz, movement SNP Naši 1389 and Dveri, except that Dveri promote the same ideology in a somewhat more subtle way and mostly under the mask of so-called legalism. GSA would like to remind the public that the members of Dveri spoke publicly last year before the Pride Parade saying they were against violence, but that did not stand in their way when, through organizing the so-called Family March, they provided “alibis” for all those violent people who were not from Belgrade to gather together on that day in order to attack the Pride Parade the following day in an organized manner.

Furthermore, through a petition against holding the Pride Parade, which petition is at the same time being used for creating the base of followers of their ideology, Dveri are very clearly sending a message that holding the Pride Parade will “cause riots during a general instability in the country and the world”, as well as that “Serbian police officers and citizens will be subject to fighting and injuries”. Considering that participants of a peaceful and non-violent assembly such as the Pride Parade most definitely cannot be organizers of these riots which are being announced by Dveri, and considering that Serbian citizens already witnessed the organized attacks on the police, government institutions, headquarters of political parties and national media houses during the Pride Parade 2010, it is clear that Dveri are again legimitizing themselves through this campaign as the inspirators of the destabilization of the state and the constitutional order.

Due to all this, there is no justified reason at this time to believe that Dveri “are against violence”, or that this organization has changed its attitudes whatsoever.

Therefore, GSA also cannot agree with the stand of Pride Parade organizers given in today’s press release regarding the need for a so-called dialogue with rightwing extremist organizations, and most of all GSA cannot “welcome the opposition to violence” of the members of “Dveri”, since, as it has already been pointed out, we do not believe their rhetoric in the least, even though “Dveri” said “they are not for violence but for a dialogue”.

Gay Straight Alliance, as an organization which especially advocates dialogue and which was the first one to open public dialogue on the problems of LGBT population with many factors in the country and the society – including those who do not support LGBT rights, feels that starting a dialogue with rightwing organizations is completely counterproductive and useless. The first and most important reason against this is that there is a grave danger for the LGBT movement in that a “dialogue” with these organizations will only lead to equalizing both these sides and to legitimizing the “values” of rightwing extremists as equally valid.

GSA will never consider as the same those who are fighting for basic human rights and those who are doing everything in their power to have those human rights violated. That is why the members of GSA will continue to “talk” to rightwing extremist organizations only when summoned by a court of justice in the capacity of witnesses, and in courtrooms, where most members of these organizations actually belong.

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