New attack on an LGBT person in Belgrade

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) expresses deep concern at the past few weeks’ increase in the number of attacks or attempted attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, which the public has been regularly informed about.

The last of the four registered physical assaults happened in Novi Beograd during the night Friday on Saturday (26th and 27th of August), when two younger men attacked a twenty-year-old gay men, causing him injuries with brutal hits to the head and the body. The victim suffered a severe head contusion, multiple bruises and cuts over his body. He immediately reported the attack to the police, as well as to Gay Straight Alliance.

GSA demands from the police and all the other competent bodies to clear this case, as well as other cases of violence, to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Furthermore, GSA demands from all competent institutions to give serious attention to the prevention and sanctioning of violence against LGBT people, and especially in the period leading up to the Pride Parade, as well as on the day of the Parade, to do everything in their power to make sure that we do not have a repeat of last year’s violence. The responsibility of the state is to deal with reducing violence on an everyday basis and in a concrete way, and not just to make a statement that violence exists and that it is a threat to the stability of the entire society.

The non-existence of a clear strategy for fighting violence and discrimination of LGBT people and the complete absence of a systemic approach to solving the problems of the LGBT population which they face not only on the day of the Pride Parade, but on every other day of the year, have, as their direct consequence, encouraged violent people to daily threaten with death, beat up, insult, scorn and marginalize Serbian citizens who do not belong to the heterosexual majority, almost without any obstruction.

GSA also wants to remind the public that court trials of Miša Vacić and Mladen Obradović, leaders of rightwing extremist organizations „SNP Naši 1389“ and „Obraz“, are still ongoing. They were accused of the criminal act – racial and other discrimination – shortly before Pride Parade 2009. Obradović received a sentence for organizing violence around the Pride Parade 2010, but not only is it low, it also has not yet been finalized. Most of the other court proceedings started by GSA’s Legal Service for violence and discrimination against LGBT people get their closure either very slowly or not at all.

GSA once more appeals to all relevant government bodies to effectively and without delay begin a systemic battle against violence which targets LGBT people, as well as other minority groups, and all other citizens of our society.

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