Gay Straight Alliance forms Advisory Board

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has great pleasure in announcing that the first formative meeting of the Advisory Board of GSA was held on Saturday 2 July 2011, in Belgrade.

According to the Statute of GSA, Advisory Board is GSA’s body comprised of individuals who have experience and prominence in the field of human rights protection as well as in socio-political engagement, and who do not have to be members of GSA. The decision on forming the Advisory Board was made on the 17th June this year by the GSA’s Governing Board, after which the first formative meeting of the Advisory Board was held on Saturday.

The main role of the Advisory Board will be to create strategies and policies in the domain of equalizing and protecting human rights of LGBT people, bearing in mind the wider socio-political context. This primarily refers to the processes which are unfolding in Serbia and the region, the most important one being the process of EU integrations, i.e. those areas and issues which influence or may influence the position of the LGBT population. It is planned for the Advisory Board to meet according to necessity, at least twice a year in full.

Since the Statute of GSA allows for electing chairperson of the Advisory Board, the present members of the Board have agreed that the election of the chairperson should be on a rotating principle with one-year term. The first elected chairperson of GSA’s Advisory Board is Dragana Nikolic Solomon, the Head of the Media Department at the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

GSA feels that forming the Advisory Board is a big step, because this is the first time in Serbia that such a large support has been shown in this manner not only to an LGBT organization but, more importantly, to the fight for LGBT rights.

The importance of improving the situation and equalizing the rights of LGBT population is witnessed by the presence in the Advisory Board of numerous prominent individuals from the non-governmental sector from the country and the region, representatives of international organisations, representatives of institutions, members of Serbian parliament and representatives of almost all pro-European political parties in Serbia.

GSA would like to sincerely thank all members of its Advisory Board on the truly significant support which they have lent through their engagement in this body, as well as to thank all those who publicly support the rights of LGBT population with the full understanding that human rights are indivisible and have to be equal for all.

Members of GSA’s Advisory Board are:

  • Ms. Sandra Causevic – Spokesperson of the Sumadija Region Board of Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO), Kragujevac
  • Mr. Boris Dittrich – Director of LGBT advocacy program of Human Rights Watch (HRW), former leader of Netherlands political party D66 and MP in Dutch Parliament, New York
  • Mr. Milos Djajic – President of the Governing Board of Center for Modern Skills (CMV), Belgrade
  • Ms. Slavica Djukic Dejanovic – Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, vice-president of Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), Belgrade
  • Ms. Linda Freiman – Co-Chair of Executive Board of ILGA Europe, Brussels/Riga
  • Mr. Zeljko Ivanji – Member of Serbian Parliament, G17+, Belgrade
  • Ms. Aleksandra Jerkov – Member of Serbian Parliament, Deputy Head of Parliamentary Group “For European Serbia”, League of Social democrats of Vojvodina (LSV), Novi Sad
  • Ms. Sanja Juras – Coordinator of lesbian group “Kontra”, Zagreb
  • Ms. Elvira Kovac – Member of Serbian Parliament, Vojvodina Alliance of Hungarians (SVM), Subotica
  • Mr. Milos Kovacevic – Member of The Municipality Council of City Municipality Savski venac, Belgrade
  • Ms. Sonja Licht – President of Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE), Belgrade
  • Mr. Dusan Maljkovic – President of Center for Queer Studies, Belgrade
  • Ms. Jelena Milic – Director of Center for Euro – Atlantic Studies (CEAS), Belgrade
  • Ms. Zorica Mrsevic – Academic Advisor at the Center for Legal Researches of the Institute of Social Science, former Deputy of Serbian Ombudsman, Belgrade
  • Ms. Dragana Nikolic Solomon – Chairperson of GSA Advisory Board, Chief of Media Department of OSCE Mission in Serbia, Belgrade
  • Mr. Meho Omerovic – Member of Serbian Parliament, Social Democratic Party of Serbia (SDP), Belgrade
  • Mr. Filip Pavlovic – director of NGO Fractal, Belgrade
  • Ms. Vesna Petrovic – Executive Director of Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Belgrade
  • Mr. Dejan Randjic – President of the Working group for security of the City of Belgrade, Chief of Councilors Group of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Belgrade
  • Mr. Danko Runic – Director of City Agency for European Integrations and Cooperation with Associations, Belgrade
  • Mr. Vladimir Todoric – Executive Director of Center for New Policy (CNP), Belgrade
  • Ms. Daliborka Uljarevic – Executive Director of Centre for Civic Education (CGO), Podgorica
  • Ms. Natasa Vuckovic – Member of Serbian Parliament, Democratic Party (DS), Belgrade
  • Mr. Djordje Vukovic – Program Director of Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID), Belgrade

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