Miša Vacić’s trial postponed again

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) wishes to inform the public that Miša Vacić’s trial, scheduled for today in the First basic court in Belgrade, has been postponed again at the request of the lawyer of the defendant, one of the leaders of right-wing organisation SNP Naši 1389.

Namely, before the start of the trial, the defendant’s lawyer Aleksandar Đorđević gave the judge a written request for the postponement with the explanation that he is also engaged in the case of extradition of Božidar Vučurević on the basis of a warrant issued by Croatia for war crimes committed during the bombing of Dubrovnik in the ’90s. Due to both these proceedings taking place at the same time, he was not in the position to attend this trial and give his client Miša Vacić adequate legal assistance.

Judge Ivana Ramić accepted the request and scheduled a new hearing for 13 June 2011, adding that the previous hearing which had been scheduled for 28 February was also postponed because of the strike of Belgrade Bar Association and that she will not allow the next hearing to be postponed, regardless of the presence or absence of the defendant or his lawyer, since this is a so-called simplified procedure and the law permits her this possibility.

As was the case at the previous hearing, the representatives of Gay Straight Alliance and Labris came to today’s trial as subpoenaed witnesses and supporting them in the courtroom were also numerous members of these two organisations, LGBT activists and friends from other non-governmental organisations.

We wish to remind the public that Miša Vacić has been charged with spreading racial and other discrimination during the organising of Pride Parade 2009 (Criminal Law, Article 387) and illegal possession of firearms. This is the first time in our case law that someone from the group of representatives or members of right-wing extremist organisations has been charged with Article 387 of the Criminal Law because of violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

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