Bishop Amfilohije must apologize to LGBT population

Commissioner for the protection of equality Nevena Petrusic ordered SOC Bishop Amfilohije Radovic to publicly apologize to the participants of the Belgrade Parade. Metropolitan in his speech on the occasion of the Pride Parade is undoubtedly violated anti-discrimination law, according to a commissioner Nevena Petrusic.

Commissioner for the protection of equality is pronounced Amfilohije and recommendation to publicly apologize to the participants of the Belgrade meeting, to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

On the basis of complaints, Commissioner for the protection of equality analyzed the speech, which was held the day after Pride 2010, and found that during the proceedings that the Bishop has violated the prohibition of hate speech. “Our recommendation is to Bishop issue a public apology participants of the parade”, told for B92 commissioner Nevena Petrusic.

His religious speech at Lustica in Montenegro, when He imposed ideas and attitudes Amfilohije Radovic has violated a law banning hate speech, according to state law.

“Here, yesterday we looked like the stench of poisoned and polluted capital city, Belgrade, scarier than uranium. The biggest stench of Sodom that this modern civilization was raised to the pedestal of the deity. I see a violent, violence and aberrant faithless these people caused more violence. so now we wonder who is guilty and this children are called hooligans. God will know when it will strike his whip and a warning, but it has slowly prepared”, he said day after rally October 10th 2011.

30-day deadline to comply with the recommendation

According to the Act, the institution of the Commissioner shall receive and consider complaints if the court proceedings but does not provide opinions and recommendations on specific cases and if necessary impose measures.

Metropolitan have 30 days to respond on this recommendations.

“The recommendations are addressed to those who are found to have done an act of discrimination should be made within 30 days and to notify the trustee. If not, the Commissioner in accordance with the law authorizes him to issue a caution, and allow a new term”, said Nevena Petrusic.

“If the recommendations are again not met, the Commissioner is legally authorized to initiate court proceedings and the charges for violation of anti-discrimination”, she said.

Bishop Amfilohije don’t wanna apologize

Bishop does not intend to apologize to the gay population, how asked him Commissioner for equality few days ago.

Serbian Orthodox Bishop Amfilohije Radovic has no intention to apologize to gay community representatives in Serbia, although it is binding law.

Specifically, the recommendation of the commissioner for the protection of equality Nevena Petrusic, who commissioned Amfilohije to publicly apologize to the participants of the Pride Parade, as it violated anti-discrimination law, the SOC (Serbian Orthodox Church) they see as interference in internal affairs of neighboring states.

The meeting between Amfilohije Radovic on one hand and representatives of gay and lesbian organizations on the other side of the table is not yet possible, although it requires commissioner Nevena Petrusic.

Metropolitan of Montenegro says she (commissioner) has no right to do so, because he claims that did not express hatred towards the man.

“I do not accuse sinner, I accused a sin, what bringing down their, mine and dignity of others, and theirs is that you will receive it or not”, he said.

“Everyone has the right to live as deemed proper, but that does not mean that it is so true right way. The church can not accept the weirdness, unnatural life as a principle of life”, said Amfilohije.

Commissioner of the Legal Council Metropolitan of Montenegro Velibor Dzomic harshly criticized Neven Petrusic and said Amfilohije has no reason to listen her instructions, because He is not a citizen of Serbia.

“By the same logic , I’d also ordered the commissioner Petrusic to re-read the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and Serbia’s anti-discrimination law”, said Dzomic, which considers the Commissioner for Equality not read the applicable law of Serbia and that therefore “blaming” Serbia in Montenegro.

Commissioner Nevena Petrusic for B92 explains that the citizenship of Bishop Amfilohije does not matter.

“I spoke the recommendation because it is a member of the Metropolitan Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, that the Serbian Church dignitary. Also, the reason for his statement was his speech in Serbia, and his words were directed against people who are Serbian nationals. Amfilohije, according to the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination has 30 days to comment on the recommendation”, she says.

Milan Antonijevic from the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (JUKOM) is disappointed with the reaction of the Church and calls Amfilohije Radovic to comply with the recommendation.

“I would have preferred to see the reaction of the Serbian Orthodox Church has condemned hate speech, but we see the justification that it is a citizen of either country. I think that in this case the Commissioner for the protection of equality and respond to everyone, including the church clerks, must respect this decision”, he says.

DSS (Democratic Party of Serbia): Unreasonable decision of commissioner Petrusic

Democratic Party of Serbia strongly condemned, as states, “unreasonable and illegal decision” of commission Petrusic

“This decision is most severely undermines the constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom to manifest religion and, in fact, it means that prohibits church dignitaries to cite the words of the Bible and teaching the Christian teaching”, said a spokesman for the agency Tanjug DSS speaker Peter Petkovic.

DSS was asked Petrusic to publicly apologize to the Serbian Orthodox Church and the public, and then submit an irrevocable resignation.

Source: B92