GSA: Press release

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) wishes to inform the public that the information released on 28 February 2011 by the organization SNP Naši 1389 is completely false.

Namely, SNP Naši 1389 claimed that the trial of Miša Vacić, a member of the executive board of this right wing extremist organization, scheduled for the 28th February, has been postponed because gay activist Boris Milićević did not come to the trial even though he had been summoned by the court.

GSA would like to state that it was not Boris Milićević who was subpoenaed as a witness in yesterday’s hearing, but legal representatives of Gay Straight Alliance – who in fact did duly respond and were present in the courtroom. For this trial, representatives of organizations Gay Straight Alliance and Labris were called as witnesses, and since Boris Milićević has not been a representative of GSA for almost a year, subpoenas for Gay Straight Alliance were delivered to the president and executive director, who duly responded, as has already been stated.

Yesterday’s hearing in the trial against Miša Vacić, who is charged with spreading racial and other discrimination during the organizing of Pride Parade 2009 and illegal possession of firearms, has been postponed for April 7, 2011 at the request of the defendant and due to the fact that his attorney was not present because of the strike of the Belgrade Bar Association. The present representatives of LGBT organizations were again summoned by judge Ivana Ramić for the next hearing, which Gay Straight Alliance hopes will finally take place at the set date.

Furthermore, after coming out of the Courthouse, the present LGBT activists were met with a lot of homophobic insults and threats made by a large crowd of members of SNP Naši 1389, who first gathered in front of the courtroom and then also in front of the Courthouse.

Miša Vacić, along with the plea to postpone the trial, also asked the judge to hold the hearing set for April 7 in a larger courtroom so that all who are interested can attend, which may already indicate the appearance this trial will have, as well as all the pressures and insults to which LGBT activists who are witnesses in this case will be subjected. GSA therefore asks the authorities to provide order at the trial and protect the witnesses from insults, threats and all other attacks.

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