GSA invites LGBT movement in Serbia to form a separate organization for organizing the Pride Parade

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has issued an invitation today to all relevant LGBT organizations in Serbia for a meeting at the beginning of March 2011 in order to talk about models for organizing Pride Parade 2011.

GSA has also suggested to LGBT organizations the formation of a separate (new) organization or body which would in the future deal only with organizing Pride Parades, as is the practice all over the world, and which would be comprised of representatives from existing organizations and/or individuals who wish to take part in this activity.

As it is stated in the invitation, “GSA, as the organization which made up a significant part of the Organization Board of Pride Parade 2010, and in view of all experience from this as well as previous events, believes that all interested organizations and individuals should take part in organizing the Parade, according to a model which would be acceptable for all and in keeping with the organizations’ priorities“.

Even though GSA is initiating this meeting bearing in mind that the preparations for Pride Parade 2011 should begin as soon as possible, GSA firmly believes that this would be a step forward compared to the former functioning of the LGBT movement in Serbia, that a large number of organizations and individuals will get involved in organizing the Parade and that a separate organization or body is an adequate model for organizing this type of event.

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