GSA invited DS and SPS to revise their party programs

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) called today on the Democratic Party (DS) and Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) to revise their programs and other important party documents at their upcoming party assemblies in accordance with European standards on human rights and to include anti-discrimination provisions concerning the LGBT community and other minority groups.

GSA believes that the use of precise terms such as “sexual orientation”, “LGBT population,” “gender identity”, etc. in party documents and also a clear determination toward violence and discrimination against this group in them, will significantly contributed to inclusion of LGBT people and reducing homophobia.

Respect for human rights is vital political issue and those two ruling political parties should play a leading role in the implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Law, promotion of minority rights and tolerance, both among citizens of Serbia and among their own members.

Also, the Gay Straight Alliance calls on these and all other political parties to pay particular attention to the development of their anti-discrimination policies and documents relating to LGBT and other minority groups in the future and incorporate them into their party and election programs.

GSA will continue to monitor programs and other documents of all parliamentary political parties and make to them similar calls before their next assemblies.

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