Pride Parade in Belgrade in three days

The Organizing Committee of the Belgrade Pride Parade held today their last regular press conference prior to the event scheduled for the 10th October 2010.

Besides the Parade organizers Lazar Pavlović, Boban Stojanović and Adorjan Kurucz, also present at the press conference were Svetozar Čiplić – Minister for Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia, Daiana Falloni – Head of OSCE Democratization Department and Sabine Zwiers – Coordinator of Amnesty International for Europe.

Organizers said that up to this moment they are satisfied with the situation regarding the organizing of the Pride Parade, stating that, regardless of past years’ bad experiences, they are conviced it will be held this time according to schedule.

Organizational Board, with the cooperation of government institutions which are important for a successful Pride Parade, have during this process held a series of meetings on account of the security of this event. The Committee expects the police and all security structures to fully ensure the safety of the participants, since they have the greatest responsibility for this aspect of the Pride Parade.

Organizers emphasised that the primary aim of this Pride Parade is for it to be held for the first time in Serbia, adding their hope that every following Parade after this one would require fewer security measures and that for the citizens of Belgrade these events would become a celebration of tolerance and freedom for all.

The Committee thanked numerous national and international organizations for their support, as well as everyone who is involved in organizing the Parade. They read a letter of support from Slavica Đukić Dejanović, President of the Serbian Parliament, and announced the attendance at the Parade of several public figures – Vincent Degert, Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Dimitrios Kypreos, Head of OSCE Mission to Serbia, and Constantin Yerokostopoulos, Head of Council of Europe Delegation.

In addition, the Board invited all citizens to join them at the Pride Parade and appealed to all оpponents of the Parade to refrain from violence or obstructing the event.

Organisers have announced that there will be three approach points to Park Manjež: on Slavija, by CIP in Nemanjina Street and by the intersection London. Entry to Park Manjež will be possible at three entrances from Svetozara Markovića Street, out of which the middle one will be for the press.

The Board wishes to remind everyone that the right to peaceful and non-violent assembly is guaranteed by the Constitution and the Law, and that the Parade is a political protest with a request to decrease violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

Organizing Committee of Belgrade Pride Parade 2010