Security directions for arriving at the Pride Parade 2010

Pride Parade will be held on 10th October 2010 in Park Manjež in Belgrade, from where, after the initial addresses of guests from the country, region and abroad, the walk will begin along Nemanjina Street, to Kneza Miloša Street and Masarikova Street, and the whole event will end with a party in Student Cultural Centre (Studentski kulturni centar – SKC).

Organizing Committee of Belgrade Pride Parade 2010, in cooperation with the police and other state institutions, as well as friends from the country and the region who have the experience of organizing large public gatherings in the open and on the move, have been planning in detail the security aspect of the Pride Parade. We are taking into account all the sensitive aspects of the Parade and are trying to ensure that the security of the event be on the highest level.


We are aware of all security risks of the Parade and therefore we recommend that you keep to the following instructions and recommendations:

1. The gathering of participants of the Pride Parade is in Park Manjež from 10 to 11 A.M. The program begins at 11 A.M. when all the entrances to the assembly will be closed. We ask that you arrive early and not to be late because all who arrive after the entrances are closed will not be able to join the Parade. Also, the assembly will be closed during the walk and at the party, so that no one will be able to join the Parade afterwards in any part of the program.
– We recommend that you plan your time to be flexible so that you stay with us during the entire program and to follow all security directions of the organizers and the internal security service. After entering Park Manjež all participants will receive the second part of security instructions which are about the assembly itself and about the secure ways of leaving the assembly.

2. Before the Pride Parade, on the website we will announce information about recommended routes for arriving at the Parade, as well as information about the possible enterences in Park Manjež. On October 10, there will be a significant increase of police presence all over the city of Belgrade, strong police forces will be organized especially around the Parade site, and some of the streets in the vicinity of Manjež will be closed.
– We recommend that you come to the gathering by public transport and/or on foot and not by your own car.
– Also, it is not recommended that you come via small streets and shortcuts, nor that you come in large groups.

3. We recommend that, for security reasons, for the gathering you bring with you as little stuff as possible and come in your usual clothes. If you wish to dress for the Parade in a particular way or put on make-up, you can do that after you enter Manjež.
– We recommend that you come to the gathering without visible insignia of the Pride Parade or LGBT movement (badges, flags, signs, symbols with rainbow colors, etc.). Organizing Committee will provide the promotional material which will be distributed at the gathering.
– Also, it is very important that you don’t forget to remove all symbols of the Parade immediately after the end of the program (party), which is before leaving the assembly.
– If you still wish to bring your own flag, banner or similar, please notify us till 8th October at the latest via e-mail so that we can bring that material to the gathering and take it away after the end. You will be able to pick up your promotional material after you enter Manjež.

4. If you are arriving from another city or country or you know that somebody is arriving from another city or country, in order not to put yourself at risk because of poor knowledge of the city or similar, please be sure to notify us or to direct that person to the Organizing Committee ( so that we can coordinate arrivals and give you all necessary information about it on time.
– Please forward these directions to all who you know are coming or are thinking about coming to the Parade. It is important to us that the security directions are available to everyone, and it is even more important that you follow these recommendations. Also, you can direct all who are interested to the website of the Pride Parade or to e-mail . Thank you!

5. With us at the Parade will also be journalists, cameramen and photographers who will have accreditations PRESS.
– If you do not wish to be photographed or to give statements you have the right to tell them so.
– Also, if you wish to photograph the assembly, you should ask the people whom you are photographing beforehand if they are all right with that.

6. Toilets and water will be available to the participants of Pride Parade in Park Manjež.
– We recommend that you do not carry food or drink, as well as anything that may endanger the safety of the participants because you will not be able to bring that inside.

Pride Parade 2010 has so far received support from numerous organizations from the country and from abroad, government institutions, political parties, public figures, as well as citizens of Serbia and other countries, and many of them will come to the Parade and walk together with us.

We see Pride Parade 2010 as an inclusive event, as a peaceful, dignified and nonviolent assembly, and a place where we will show together that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Serbia can finally freely and without fear walk in the streets of Belgrade with the support of their family, friends, coworkers and all who advocate equality, tolerance and respect for human rights. Pride Parade is not seen as our final goal, but as a means by which we will draw the attention of the country and society to the problems which LGBT population in Serbia faces every day.

It is very important that you by your own presence support the Parade and that we all together send the message of peace, equality and tolerance on the 10th of October.

Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation!

See you on 10/10/10 at 10 A.M.

Organizing Committee of Belgrade Pride Parade 2010