Pride Parade on October 10th 2010 in Belgrade

Organizers of Pride Parade 2010 in Belgrade announced the date and place of the Parade today at a press conference held in the cafe Victor on Kalemegdan.

Pride Parade will be held on October 10th 2010 Parada ponosa 2010.

Event will start with gathering of participants in the “Manjež” park at 10AM.

Parade will move from Manjež through following streets: Nemanjina, Kneza Miloša and Masarikova, and the event will end with a party at the Students’ Cultural Center.

Taking into account the security conditions and the symbolism of this year’s Parade, organizers have chosen the location of a meeting place and marching route in the center of Belgrade where a number of state institutions are concentrated, such as the Serbian Government, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Court of Appeal, the Constitutional Court, Ministry of Finance and others.

At today’s press conference, which was attended by many media representatives and guests from LGBT and other non-governmental organizations, international organizations, embassies, government institutions and political parties, members of Pride Parade Organizational Committee were talking about the Pride: Lazar Pavlović, President of GSA; Boban Stojanović, President of Queeria Center and Adorjan Kurucz, founder of Group for Support of Gay Men from Novi Sad.

This year’s Pride Parade is organized by Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and Queeria – center for the promotion of culture of nonviolence and equality (Queeria center), with the support and assistance of the Group for Support of Gay Men from Novi Sad, friends from the LGBT community, as well as numerous organizations. Organizing Committee of Pride Parade 2010, the body which decides on matters relevant to the Parade, consists of 7 members. Also, several special teams were formed for the organization of this event: creative team, media team, event-management team, etc.

Organizing Committee see Pride Parade 2010 as an inclusive event, as a peaceful and non-violent public gathering which will show that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons in Serbia can freely and without fear walk the streets of Belgrade with the support of their relatives, friends, associates and all those who advocate equality, tolerance and respect for human rights. We do not see the Parade as our ultimate goal but as a means by which we will draw attention of the society to the problems which LGBT population in Serbia is facing on a daily basis, and to demand from the state to deal systematically with violence and discrimination.

Pride Parade will have the special program named “Pride Week” as well as exhibitions, debates, performances … which are turned to LGBT community and which will be organized in the week before the Parade in some of cultural venues in Belgrade (the program will be available later). Pride Parade 2010 will be promoted in other Serbian cities: Novi Sad, Nis, Zrenjanin and Becej, with panels and related promotional events.

Slogan of Pride Parade 2010 is „LET’S WALK TOGETHER“.

Symbol of Pride Parade 2010 is one of the most famous symbols of Belgrade – Pobednik (Victor), Ivan Mestrovic’s statue set on Kalemgdan (explanation attached).

Organizing Committee of Pride Parade 2010