Let’s walk together for the victory of democracy

Organizing Committee (OC) of Pride Parade 2010 wishes to address the Serbian public, and especially citizens of Belgrade, regarding the increasing manipulations which are appearing on rightwing websites and fora, as well as in certain media, that represent malevolent attempts to stop the Parade from taking place.

These attempts aim to present the Pride Parade as a provocation, to connect this event with issues of Kosovo and NATO integrations, while labeling the organizers of the Parade as fascists and, above all, as the ones who will be “responsible“ for possible violence which is being threatened by rightwing extremists from the moment the date of the Parade was announced.

OC of the Pride Parade is convinced that citizens know very well that attitudes towards Kosovo and NATO integrations are not the topics, and that violence and fascism are certainly not the “values“ of the LGBT movement in Serbia, but precisely of those groups which are clumsily trying to accuse them of this.

Organizing Committee furthermore wishes to emphasise that the goal of this year’s Pride Parade is a calm and dignified assembly which ought to take place in a positive atmosphere, and which will demand from the government an urgent decrease of violence and discrimination against LGBT people. The right to peaceful and non-violent assembly of citizens is guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of Serbia.

OC of the Pride Parade also wishes to remind the public that for the violence and for every threat directed against LGBT people, as well as against all the other citizens and their property, the only responsible ones are those that commit the violence along with their ideological and financial patrons. Organizing Committee sees the propaganda and threats directed against the Pride Parade as the continuation of that ideology which aims to constantly produce new divisions, bigotry, turmoil and fear, because this is the only climate in which violence and crime can function.

In the last 20 years the “enemies“ and victims of this retrograde ideology have been all those who are different, who think differently and who advocate democratic values: including non-governmental organizations, independent media, national minorities, marginalized groups, Dada Vujasinović, Slavko Ćuruvija, Dušan Jovanović, Dragan Jakovljević, Dražen Milovanović, Zoran Đinđić, Brice Taton and many others. For their greatest “enemies“ they have chosen today the LGBT population. So we ask the question: if it is us today, who will be next?

Organizing Committee of the Pride Parade therefore invites citizens of Belgrade and Serbia to join us at the Pride Parade and thus show that violence and threats of violence are not their choice, regardless of whom they are directed at.

In the year of jubilees of democratic changes in Serbia, the Organizing Committee believes that numerous citizens will answer this call and come to Manjež park on the 10th of October in order to once again march the streets of Belgrade together for the victory of democracy and tolerance.

Organizing Committee of Pride Parade 2010