Open letter to the Minister of health

Dear Mr Milosavljević,

We write to you regarding certain information which appeared in the media (daily newspapers “Alo“ in the issue from 16th September 2010, attached) with a request to urgently start an inquiry into the case of Miroljub Petrović, who calls himself the director of Institute for natural medicine and of Center for natural studies, and who apparently runs the so-called Center for curing “homosexualism“ and is currently building a clinic on Fruška gora which will also deal with this “business“.

We believe that we do not have to remind you, as a doctor and the Minister of Health, of the positions of the World Health Organization and the Serbian Medical Society that homosexuality is not a disease, but one of the varieties of human sexuality, and that the right to be different and to freely express one’s sexual orientation is guaranteed not only by the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia but also by numerous domestic laws.

That which gives us concern is the fact that for working in this “profession“, like this Petrović, and especially for building and running clinics of this profile, it is certainly required to obtained many licences and permissions which are, or should be, within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health.

We therefore urge you to inform the public on the status of this and similar clinics in Serbia, if they exist, that is, to state whether the Ministry of Health has made it possible in any way that such clinics and/or centers be built and can function, as well as to state the official position of the Ministry of Health regarding this issue and what are its concrete actions in sanctioning this type of quasi-medicine which violates several domestic laws.

We furthermore call upon you to address the public of Serbia, in keeping with your responsibility and your function, about the greatest prejudice which exists in our society, in which 67% of citizens according to the latest research think that homosexuality is a disease. We feel that your public address along with the scientific explanation which dispels this prejudice might greatly contribute to better understanding the status of LGBT people in Serbia and their social inclusion.

Sincerely yours,

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
Queeria – center for promoting the culture of non-violence and equality (Queeria center)
Labris – organization for lesbian human rights (Labris)
Gay Lesbian Info Center (GLIC)
Support group for gay men from Novi Sad
Novi Sad Lesbian Organization (NLO)
Queer Belgrade
Association “Rainbow“ Šabac
Gayten LGBT

We also include further sources of information:

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