Ministry of Culture open to cooperation on fighting hate speech towards GLBT population in Serbia

Representatives of Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held a meeting today with the state secretary of the Ministry of Culture Nadica Momirov. The central topic of the meeting was hate speech against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people in Serbia which appears in media, and ways to combat it. In addition, GSA acquainted the state secretary with its legal trial which is being conducted under the Law on information and the Law against discrimination.

Ministry of Culture expressed readiness to establish continuous monitoring of media in cooperation with GLBT organisations, in order to regularly and in good time react to the language of hatred which was, for example, present during 2009 before the Pride Parade.

GSA’s representatives pointed out the importance of positive presentation of GLBT population in the media, and raising the wider public’s awareness, while madam Momirov stated that the Ministry in cooperation with certain media would support the broadcasting of such programs.

State secretary also expressed the Ministry’s openness to programs for encouraging quality reporting which would address GLBT topics, as well as to projects in culture and arts.

Madam Momirov emphasised the importance of cooperation between the government institutions and GLBT organisations, saying that only through a continuous cooperation can there be an improvement in the status of GLBT people in Serbia.

State secretary also announced her support for the Pride Parade, saying that she would appear at this event if it takes place.

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