Meeting between Gay Straight Alliance and Minister Ljajić

Representatives of Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held a meeting today with Rasim Ljajić, Minister of work and social politics in the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The central topic of conversation was discrimination at the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation, and the ways in which this problem could be solved. GSA pointed out the delicacy of this problem and the fact that this is a topic which still needs to be discussed seriously in the future by all those involved, and which requires a systemic approach and cooperation between GLBT organisations and relevant institutions, such as the Ministry of work and social politics.

Ljajić agreed with GSA on the need for cooperation regarding this issue in order to successfully determine the priorities and methodology of the solution, and as the first concrete step, he suggested a meeting between GSA and the Inspectorat of Work to exchange opinions on how existing laws are being applied in practice, laws such as the Law on labour, the Law on prevention of harrassment at work and the Law against discrimination.

GSA acquainted the minister with certain difficulties which are the result of a non-existent systemic implementation of the Law against discrimination, which would include educating relevant bodies and institutions about ways to fight discrimination at the workplace.

A mutual conclusion was that the approach to ensuring the full exercise of rights for GLBT population in Serbia ought to be strategic, and that the work on reducing homophobia, violence and discrimination should be continuous, with the focus on preventive measures.

Ministar Ljajić also stated that the country should provide all necessary conditions for organising the Pride Parade so that the GLBT population may exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to the freedom of assembly.

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