Reaching European standards in respecting human rights an important part of EU integrations

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held a meeting with Milica Delević, Director of EU Integration Office, on Friday, 21 May 2010, as a part of the campaign for opening dialogues with government institutions.

The meeting was initiated by GSA with a view to establish cooperation on the issues related to improving the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people in Serbia, bearing in mind the process of EU integrations and reaching European standards in respecting human rights.

GSA presented to madam Delević the steps it has been taking in order to create conditions for complete social inclusion of members of GLBT population. GSA emphasised that one of the problems is the absence of quality strategic cooperation with government institutions on the one hand, and the evident need to approach the issue of violence and discrimination of GLBT people systemically, on the other hand. GSA also stated that there is no system of protection for activists and other GLBT people who are subject to threats, as well as that out of 11 cases of violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, brought before courts by GSA in 2009, there has still not been a single court decision.

Director of EU Integration Office Milica Delević stated that the organisation should direct its activities towards monitoring the full application of all relevant laws in this area, such as the Law against discrimination and Law on labour. She added that it was very important to monitor the activities of government institutions which are being performed in order to remove the objections of the European Commission in its Annual Progress Report about Serbia, especially regarding the treatment of minority groups, which serves as a control of the rule of law in Serbia, that is it presents a solution to the political issue of the constitutionally guaranteed right of respecting diversity.

Another subject discussed at the meeting were possible mechanisms for reaching European standards in respecting human rights of minority groups in Serbia, including the GLBT population, and it was concluded that establishing a dialogue between the country and the GLBT organisations would be an extremely important step towards solving these issues.

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