Union of Hungarians of Vojvodina: Rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws must apply to all citizens of Serbia

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held a meeting yesterday in Subotica with the vicepresident of the Union of Hungarians of Vojvodina (SVM) Zoltan Devavari and discussed with him the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, as well as the status of all other minorities in Serbia.

SVM stated that there must never be another such escalation of violence as in 2009 during the organization of the Pride Parade, nor should another such image be created that the country capitulated before extremists. The Constitution and the laws must apply to all, and the country must guarantee safety to all citizens of Serbia, regardless of their nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

SVM strongly condemns violence and discrimination against GLBT people and invites the government bodies, especially the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary, to work more efficiently than up to now on combating violence against this population.

SVM welcomes the initiative of GSA to establish a dialogue with parliamentary political parties and government institutions, adding that the entire society, first and foremost the representatives of the majority in Serbia, should join the dialogue on this issue, and that in the 21st century, in a Serbia which strives towards the European Union, the rights of GLBT people must not be a taboo topic.

Furthermore, SVM feels that such a dialogue must start as soon as possible also on the level of AP Vojvodina, as well as on the level of local governments.

SVM will speak in favour of making all future laws in the process of joining the EU absolutely abide to the european standards in respecting human rights of all minority groups which live in Serbia, one of which is the GLBT community.

GSA sees this meeting as a very important step in working towards improving the status of the GLBT population in Serbia and wishes to thank the Union of Hungarians of Vojvodina for a high level of understanding and the support which it has given to the GLBT community.

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