Meeting between Gay Straight Alliance and Serbian Progressive Party

On Saturday, 17 April 2010, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) held a meeting with Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which yielded the conclusion that violence and discrimination against citizens of Serbia, regardless of their differences, is an unacceptable manner of action.

The topics of the meeting, attended by Aleksandar Vučić, vicepresident of SNS, and Vladimir Cvijan as representatives of the party, were the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people in Serbia and the steps which the country and the society must take in order to prevent and diminish violence and discrimination.

SNS pointed out that all government bodies must obey the Constitution and the laws which they passed, and therefore must stop any form of violence and discrimination on any grounds, including sexual orientation.

SNS considers the participation in future parades of the GLBT population and other activities of the GLBT community a personal choice of every citizen, and therefore it will not invite its supporters and members to participate in them, but it will always condemn violence and calls for violence against this or any other minority group.

GSA wishes to thank SNS for this meeting and considers it as very important, since SNS, the largest conservative political party in Serbia, expressed openness, readiness for dialogue and understanding of the levels of violence which the GLBT population in Serbia suffers every day.

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