LDP and G17+ give full support to the fight against violence and discrimination and to holding the Pride Parade

Liberal democratic party and G17+ strongly condemn every form of violence and discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people.

In separate meetings with Gay Straight Alliance which took place on Wednesday 31 March 2010, LDP was represented by MPs and vicepresidents of the party Nataša Mićić and Nebojša Ranđelović, while G17+ by MPs Snežana Stojanović Plavšić and Željko Ivanji.

GSA is very pleased with these meetings and with the attitudes expressed by both political parties about understanding the position of GLBT people in Serbia, as well as the need for a systematic fight against homophobia, violence and discrimination to which this population is subjected.

Both political parties agree that it is necessary that all government bodies, and especially the prosecutor’s office and the judiciary, work more efficiently than up to now on the prevention and sanctioning of violence.

LDP, as a political party which has in the previous period given the most concrete and the biggest support for the equality of rights for GLBT people in Serbia, will continue to support the GLBT population through its parliamentary and party activities and will also fully support holding the Pride Parade with the presence of its party functionaries.

G17+ has also supported the Pride Parade, and they furthermore feel that it is the duty of the country to provide all necessary conditions for it to take place successfully.

GSA and G17+ have also reached agreement on the continuation of cooperation and on the need for future steps in bettering the position of GLBT community, such as the creation of a national strategy for combating violence and discrimination against GLBT people, and solving the status of GLBT population in Serbia.

GSA wishes to sincerely thank Liberal democratic party and G17+ for the held meetings and for the support which these two political parties have given to the GLBT community.

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