GSA and SDP will cooperate on improving the status of GLBT population in Serbia

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and Socialdemocratic party of Serbia (SDP) recognise each other as holding similar values and will cooperate on issues concerning the improvement of the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people in Serbia, – these were the main conclusions of today’s meeting between GSA and SDP in Belgrade.

SDP fully supports GLBT people in exercising their rights guaranteed by the Constitution, laws and international conventions and most severely condemns violence and discrimination against this population. SDP also feels that even though the Constitution protects all citizens of Serbia regardless of their differences, in practice this is not fully respected when it comes to GLBT people, and that such an attitude towards this part of the population must change.

Socialdemocratic party of Serbia has given support to the Pride Parade, emphasising that it is necessary to make a step forward compared to the last year, which primarily applies to a more responsible attitude of the government towards this event.

Furthermore, it was emphasised at the meeting that it was vital that the GLBT movement cooperate with the government institutions and political subjects, while SDP also fully supports the signing of the Declaration against violence, calls for violence and hate speech, which was presented to the Serbian Parliament in October last year by GSA and several other non-governmental organizations.

Socialdemocratic party of Serbia was represented at this meeting by MP Meho Omerović, coordinator of the Youth Forum of SDP Maja Krstić and member of the party board Branko Gogić.

Gay Straight Alliance wishes to thank the Socialdemocratic party for their support and understanding of the position of GLBT people in Serbia, especially considering a very important role which the Ministry of work and social issues headed by Rasim Ljajić had during the passing of the Anti-Discrimination Law.

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