GSA offers dialogue to political parties

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) today addressed letters to all presidents of parliamentary political parties in Serbia inviting them to a meeting in order to discuss topics which are important for GLBT community in Serbia.

The letter states that for GSA, as well as for the entire GLBT movement in Serbia, it is very important to establish dialogue and cooperation with government institutions and parliamentary political parties, regardless of their current political ideologies and programmes. GSA feels that only opening such a wider dialogue can lead to improving the position of GLBT people in Serbia, who are today one of the most vulnerable minority groups, daily subject to a high level of homophobia, violence and discrimination, as well as to achieving european standards of respecting human and minority rights.

GSA has suggested the following topics for discussion:

  • strategies for reducing violence and discrimination against GLBT people in Serbia
  • advancement of the right to freedom of gathering of GLBT people in Serbia and the possibility of organizing the first successful Pride Parade.

GSA hopes soon to speak with the presidents of all parliamentary political parties. GSA will inform the public, and especially the GLBT community and GLBT organizations in Serbia, about the results of these meetings.

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