Cooperation Agreement between Gay Straight Alliance and Queeria Center

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and Queeria Center, organizations which are engaged in advancing, protecting and promoting the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people in Serbia, signed the Cooperation Agreement today in Belgrade.

The starting point of the Agreement, which was signed by the presidents of these organizations Boris Milićević and Boban Stojanović, is the need for realizing common interests which include the following most important goals: strengthening the power and solidarity of GLBT movement in Serbia, and establishing constructive dialogue and better understanding among GLBT organizations and GLBT community in Serbia.

Furthermore, one of the goals of the signers is establishing a wider social dialogue which should, through a number of initiatives and activities, lead to the reduction of homophobia, violence and discrimination against the GLBT population in Serbia.

The Agreement defines the manner of communication between the signers, the manner of mutual information exchange and the mutual support in accomplishing both joint and individual activities which are considered beneficial to the development of mutual cooperation and the strengthening of the GLBT movement in Serbia.

An important part of the Agreement are articles which bind the organizations to jointly solve possible disagreements and conflicts, without bringing them out into the public, to harbor respect, understanding and constructive dialogue in mutual dealings and cooperation, and to respect the involvement and the integrity of the signers, as well as other GLBT organizations in Serbia.

GSA i Queeria Center expect other GLBT organizations to join this Agreement in a future period, as well. Of course, GSA and Queeria welcome every form of joint action of GLBT organizations, even outside this Agreement, which would benefit the strengthening of GLBT movement and the establishing of respectful and constructive cooperation on the matters which are important for the GLBT community as a whole.

Gay Straight Alliance, Queeria Center